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Happy Birthday All About iWeb

That’s right folks, All About iWeb is one year old today!! So as well as announcing the winner of the groovy new iPod shuffle 4Gb in our latest competition I thought I would give you a quicky look at some of the facts and figures behind All About iWeb as well as what is planned for the future.

It doesn’t seem like 95 posts ago (96 including this one) and 3 upgrades on my hosting account that I started All About iWeb, but it is. And of those 95 posts here is the top 5 most popular:

  1. All the iWeb add-ons you’ll ever need
  2. Some well-made iWeb sites
  3. Improve your iWeb site’s navigation
  4. Add Lightbox to your iWeb site
  5. More beautiful iWeb sites

When I designed my first free iWeb theme back in April I had no idea that it would prove to be a hit and so far (at the time of writing) it has been downloaded 4,784 times. I hope you all like it, and watch out for more in the future.

The busiest day for visitors was not that long ago, Wednesday 5 August 2009 when 2,479 stopped by for a read.

The most popular term entered into a search engine to find All About iWeb is ‘iWeb tutorial‘ which I am extremely happy about as that is the main keyword I try and get in to my posts.

The most popular external links on All About iWeb are:

  1. ProductiveDreams – Free Twitter Vectors
  2. Guimkie – iTweak
  3. Rage – iWeb SEO Tool

Safari is the most popular browser (thank goodness) followed by Firefox and surprisingly over 6 precent of you visiting All About iWeb did so using Internet Explorer.

The country that brings All About iWeb it’s most visitors is the United States with nearly 6 times as many as second placed United Kingdom who was followed closely by Australia and Canada.

But forget all of that because all you are really interested in is who won the iPod Shuffle?

Well after one year on the internet the total number of page views on All About iWeb is (cue the fanfare!!!) 228,126.

This means the winner is (cue another fanfare!!!) Tommy with a guess of 235,256. Congratulations I shall be dropping you an e-mail shortly to find out where you want me to send the iPod.

As for the next year on All About iWeb I hope for more of the same. At the moment I am planning a redesign of the site, but that will be a month or 2 off yet.

This year though I want to concentrate on designing more eye-catching and attractive iWeb themes and move them away from All About iWeb onto their own (iWeb) site. This shouldn’t get in the way of all the tutorials though, they will still keep coming; there is a good twitter related tutorial coming later this week.

With any luck, as with this year, early in 2010 a new version of iWeb will be released so there will be more reason to experiment; perhaps if we start rumors now as to what will be included in a new version they will come true by the time it is out!!

Thanks for visiting over the last 12 months, I hope you will all come back again soon.

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  1. Happy Birthday, and thanks for your usefull tips and tutorials !

  2. Happy Birthday “all about iweb’ And thank you for all the advice and tutorials!

  3. Yes! Happy Birthday! So grateful for your efforts here……

  4. Congratulations.

    And thanks so much for your free iWeb theme, I like it a lot and will be watching out for the new ones! 🙂 Will they also be free available or for a (please) small donation?

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  5. Thanks for all your work Tim!

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