21 Days

Day 10 – Finding our way around an iWeb site

Using the default navigation bar in iWeb has long been one of the biggest bugbears for iWeb users. Yes, it makes the job incredibly simple and adds the pages to your nav-bar as you create them and they are always in the same place on every page so they ‘continuity’ box is ticked but a user is unable to customize it to meet their needs.

You can’t do anything to the font or the colors so even if you did want to make even the tiniest of tweaks to your site you can’t. That is because the font and its colors are hard-coded within the theme code itself. I have a chapter explaining how you can edit the default navigation bar in my eBook, How to Design and build iWeb Themes.

Not only that, but it isn’t very search engine friendly either. It’s all written in JavaScript…

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