21 Days

Day 20 – RSS Feeds that work

If you have ever published an iWeb site then you will know that iWeb already comes with the ability to set up an RSS feed for your site. The trouble is that it isn’t that great. Its reliability is patchy at best even when you host your iWeb site on MobileMe and it isn’t at all customizable. If you could at least have your RSS feed appear in the same colors as your iWeb site that would be a start wouldn’t it?

Using iWeb’s RSS feed is simple, it’s just a case of adding your URL to the right box when you…

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  1. Hi Tim, I am finding your stuff really useful, but this is a rare case of reader assumption.

    … “Now all you have to do is add the URL of the RSS Feed that iWeb gives you (for that you will have to publish your site once with the RSS feed and view it) and you will then be given a FeedBurner URL that you can use as a link.” ….

    How do I find out the the URL of the RSS Feed that iWeb gives me? When I try putting the RSS widget on my page it asks me for the subscription URL. So I can’t publish it to view it. Catch 22.

    I’ve found elsewhere that this is probably http://mydomainhere.com/Blog/rss.xml. I did manage to get it to work with that and could see the feed on my site.

    But… whether or not I put this through Feedburner, the entries in my feed have the site name included in their links. As I publish through SEO Tool and dispense with the site name folder, none of my entries can be accessed from these links.

    The only way round it I have come up with is to house my blog on a separate domain, which is probably a good idea anyway, and then to publish the blog through iWeb and the main site through SEO Tool. I’m pleased to say this works!

    Any other thoughts?

  2. Further to my comment above, that workaround is not good. I now have the blog working from my .info domain and the main site on my .com domain. All very well except that publishing from iWeb changes all the nav links so they have the site name in them. Result: nav doesn’t work!

    Hmm, must be an easier way.

  3. Heheh! After pursuing the idea of a separate iWeb site for my blog for a few days and running into all kinds of bother, I did indeed find an easier way. Blogger. 🙂

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