21 Days

Day 21 – Making your iWeb site mobile

We now have a live iWeb site and thanks to our self-promotion on various social media networks, forums and other sites we have started getting in a steady stream of visitors. Okay so the numbers aren’t huge….yet, but give it time; it can take ages. This lesson isn’t something you necessarily have to consider straight away but might want to look at it if your site really takes off; we are going to make our iWeb sites mobile friendly.

There is a variety of things to take into consideration when designing a site for mobile users and we shall be touching on as many as we can. There are also a few links to some mobile web-site galleries for your inspiration.

With so many different mobile devices offering so many different screen sizes and different…

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  1. Tim, thanks for all the posts. I certainly had never thought of creating a mobile version of my site. Just to be clear, if I did not include the code that automatically routes a mobile user to the mobile version of my site would I have to add a button on the main homepage to allow the user to visit the mobile site instead? And presumably I could include a link in the mobile site that allows the mobile user to see the full site?

    1. Gazbo,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes you are correct, a simple hyperlink between sites is all that you need. Of course you could create one home page with the code added so that a mobile user goes straight to (and it designed for a mobile screen). On this page are the links to either the full site or the mobile site and the mobile user can choose which one to view. Of course as the code is only on one page if they select the full site they won’t be redirected back to the mobile site.


  2. Hi Tim, it seems (hope not to be mistaken) that you didn’t talk about google maps and counter widgets. None of them worked when i published my site. Some other specifications would have been nice like how to get the right information when sharing your web on facebook (i mean, how to make the correct photo appear and the correct message displayed on the little sharing window). How to design the shortcut button displayed on the home screen of the iphone, ipod touch or ipad (not the favicon next to the address bar)?
    Thanks for the guide Tim. Really useful. I liked the part of search engines. And the iweb SEO guide. I hope apple will keep upgrading iweb.



  3. Hi Tim,

    Here’s what I did for my mobile site, I used java to direct people with a mobile device, directly to it. But, if they want to see the big site I have a simple link for always in view on the mobile version, so they can do so. I also have a link back to the mobile version, on the large site’s home page(the iphone icon). Check it out!


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