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10 Things You May Have Missed in EverWeb 2.7

Typically EverWeb regularly gets an update every few months brining new capabilities headline features. This approach makes it easier to add new and updated features incrementally to your website rather than having to implant a whole host of new features at once. EverWeb’s product release cycle also benefits your website as regular updates keep your site fresh and up to date whilst adding speed, optimisation and better SEO performance.

Headline features, such as EverWeb 2.7’s responsive navigation menu widget and stock photos feature, are usually accompanied by ‘support and maintenance’ fixes that squash bugs and optimize EverWeb to run smoother and faster. Other usually minor improvements, or additions, to EverWeb can get overlooked so in this blog we’re looking at those small, but great to know, new features of EverWeb 2.7…

  1. EverWeb 2.7 has been superseded by version 2.7.1! This is a bug fix release and is not available on the EverWeb-> Check for Updates… menu. You can download this release directly from the EverWeb website though.
  2. The new EverWeb 2.7.1 fixes a couple of bugs: Master Pages not previewing properly and a database error message that could occur when adding a new blank page under certain circumstances. There release also adds more troubleshooting information in the FTP protocol error window.
  3. The Media button in the Toolbar now displays a sub menu so you can access either the new free stock photos feature or the media library.
  4. You can now select ‘None’ for the Favicon (in the File-> Edit Publishing Settings menu) if you added one by mistake and want to remove it. You’ll also select ‘None’ in other areas of EverWeb when using the ‘Choose..’ button.
  5. In the Fonts Panel, you can now select colors for Shadows.Select the text you want to Shadow, then click on the Fonts button in the Toolbar. Select the Text shadow button. Next click on the Text shadow color button that is immediately to the right of the Text shadow button. Choose your shadow color and position using the 360 degree dial. You may not see the shadow displayed, so use Preview to view the shadow.
  6. Tooltips and object positions are back! They went away when EverWeb became a 64Bit app, but now they’re back!
  7. Typing in the Blog Post Editor should be smoother and more responsive than previously.
  8. Scroll Position can now be used in pages within directories.
  9. FTP Passwords are saved properly now in the Site Publishing Settings.
  10. The drawing quality of some images has been improved so images should appear clearer and more defined than before.

We’re looking forward to the next update of EverWeb already, for both the headline features and also for all of those great little feature adds and tweaks that come to the product!

What would you like to see added or changed in EverWeb? Let us know in the Comments Section below!

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