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Blog Post Short Summaries and Keywords Come To EverWeb

If you’ve been reading our recent posts about EverWeb 3.5’s new Website Search feature, you’ll know already that you’re all set to go just by adding the Search Field widget in your site. As EverWeb uses Full Text Search for website searches, you don’t have to do any heavy lifting, if you don’t want to, to get search in your website up and running in minutes!

Although EverWeb makes things easy, as you would expect, you may also want to think about investing some time in customizing your website search. You’ll find more information as to why, and how, cusomtization can be of benefit to you, your website visitors, and potential visitors in our blog post on Website Search Criteria.

In addition to Website Search in EverWeb 3.5, there are two new blog features to take advantage of: Short Summaries and Keywords. These new features help you quickly customize your blog for search and help boost your website’s SEO at the same time.

All About Short Summaries
A Short Summary is a brief description of the blog post that you’ve written about. If you’ve ever used a WordPress blog for example, you’ll probably know a Short Summary as an ‘Excerpt’. Using a Short Summary for your blog posts is a good idea for a number of reasons:

  1. Short Summaries are good for your SEO! If you can, add any relevant SEO Keywords in to your post’s Short Summary. Also, don’t forget to add SEO keywords to your Blog Post Title if it make sense to do so.
  2. Short Summaries are good for potential visitors! When you search for something on the Internet, each search result is displayed as a title with text below it. The title is the link to the page that the search has found. The text below the title is the first text found on that page. Often, using a Short Summary to give a quick overview of the post is going to be more enticing to potential visitors to your site than the post’s first couple of hundred words can be…
  3. Short Summaries are good for better messaging! Whilst you’ll want to entice your visitors to your blog with a well written post summary, remember that the Short Summary help you to focus your message to your target audience. Effective messaging will help you retain your existing audience and help grow it too.
  4. Short Summaries are good for your website search! As EverWeb uses Full Text Search when visitors click on your website’s search bar, your Short Summary will be put to good use!
  5. Short Summaries are Quick and Easy to Make!

Creating a Short Summary
All you need to do to create a Short Summary for a blog post is to highlight the post you want in the Posts page of your EverWeb Project, then click on the Settings Cog. Select the Edit… menu option. When creating a Short Summary remember to use the KISS principle – Keep it Simple and Straightforward. A summary is just that, so if you’re having problems writing it, then try listing our each of the main points of the blog instead. Don’t get stuck by feeling the need to add SEO or search keywords, just write the best summary you can. When finished, click OK.

Blog Posts and Keywords
The second addition to blogging in EverWeb 3.5 is that it allows you to add Keywords to your blog posts. Keywords have a dual purpose here as they are used by EverWeb’s website search feature and also for SEO purposes. Use Keywords when you want specific words or phrases recognised in SEO or in website search.

To add keywords to your post, just hit the Add button. Enter the word or phrase that you want, then press enter to finish. If you need to edit the the keywords later on, just double click on the word you want to change. Deleting keywords is just as simple, highlight the word or phrase and hit the backspace key.

Need More Information on Website Search or SEO?
If you need more information about EverWeb’s new website search feature, check out our blog posts on the Search Field Widget, Search Results widget and Setting Up Search Criteria.

If you need more information on SEO and how to set it up, our recommendation is to check out the SEO for EverWeb Video Course. It’s packed full of useful information in short, concise videos.

Publish your website once you have added your Short Summaries and Keywords to your posts.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions about it, please let us know in the Comments Section below.

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