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All About EverWeb’s Open Graph Tags Feature

One of the new features that debuted in EverWeb 3.5 was the introduction of Open Graph Tags. As intriguing as the name sounds, you won’t find any mention of Open Graph Tags anywhere in the EverWeb app, except in the EverWeb User Manual. The new feature is actually one that is ‘under the hood’ and comes as an addition feature to EverWeb’s SEO Power Up addon, which debuted in the EverWeb 3.4 release.

What’s EverWeb SEO Power Up?
Before we get to Open Graph Tags, we first need to talk about what SEO Power Up Addon is and what it does. Essentially, SEO Power Up Addon lets you boost EverWeb’s built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features capabilities in the following ways:

  • Submits your website to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Alexa’s search engines.
  • Allows you to optimize your website’s pages for search engines crawlers.
  • Lets you set the crawl priority of any page in your site.
  • Lets you set the crawling frequency of any page in your site.

SEO Power Up also features Gzip compression if you are an EverWeb+Hosting customer using the Addon.

Should I Be Using EverWeb SEO Power Up?
If you’re running a business which has its own website, SEO Power Up may be something to consider as it may provide a sales ‘halo effect’ for your business via a boost to your site’s SEO and SEPR (Search Engine Page Ranking) results. If you run an entirely internet based business then it’s probably a good idea to use SEO Power Up as it adds to EverWeb’s baked in SEO features and so may help improve your SEO rankings even more. The additional features, enabling you to customize SEO on a page by page basis, will also help boost your SERP rankings. If you’re a website developer you might also want to offer EverWeb SEO Power Up as an extra feature to your clients.

Open Graph Tags and EverWeb SEO Power Up
So EverWeb 3.5 added Open Graph Tags to SEO Power Up. It makes sense that this new feature came as a follow up to SEO Power Up’s initial release in EverWeb 3.4, as Open Graph Tags are in fact ‘meta’ tags. Meta tags are snippets of text describing a page’s content with the tags themselves embedded in the page so you don’t see them. This means that meta tags can have an indirect influence to your site’s SEO but that’s not the end of their use. The main advantage of Open Graph Tags is that they help improve the performance of your URL links in Social Media. You could in fact describe an Open Graph Tag as an optimization of the URL links that are used in Social Media.

The Open Graph Tag ‘Protocol’, originally developed by FaceBook and later more widely adopted by other apps, determines how a URL will be displayed in Social Media. The Open Graph Tag uses its meta tags to create the best feature rich preview it can of the URL link, for example, by examining the web page’s title, description and so on, to create the most feature rich preview it can for use in Social Media.

How Do You Use Open Graph Tags in EverWeb?
Fortunately there’s nothing that you need to actively do in EverWeb as it’s all done ‘under the hood. EverWeb will generate Open Graph Tags within the pages of your site automatically if you are using the EverWeb SEO Power Up addon. When URL’s from your site are shared on Social Media, the embedded Open Graph Tags will be automatically used in any app that takes advantage of the Open Graph Tag feature.

More About SEO Power Up Addon
You can find out more about SEO Power Up Addon and Open Graph Tags in the EverWeb User Manual which includes a dedicated chapter on its features and how to purchase this powerful EverWeb addon.

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