EverWeb 3.7 is Here!
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EverWeb 3.7 Is Here! NEW Hyperlinking Features, Responsive Row Improvements and More!

The new EverWeb 3.7 release has landed with new features and enhancements! First up, there’s the new ‘Force Download’ hyperlinking feature! Visitors to your site can click on a link to have a file automatically download to their device using this much requested feature. The only thing to be aware of, though, is that it does depend on whether the target browser supports this feature. Hyperlinking has also been expanded and improved upon in the rest of EverWeb with features found in the Hyperlinking Inspector now available in widget ‘Link’ buttons and in the Styled Text Editor. You can now even directly link to a Scroll Position within a widget using a dropdown menu instead of having to link to a Scroll Position using URL.

EverWeb 3.7 also sees enhancements to the way in which you interact with the Responsive Row widget. It’s now much more visual when you want to move one or more embedded objects within the Responsive Row or when you want to move objects from one Responsive Row to another. You can also remove objects easily by secondary clicking and selecting the ‘Remove from Responsive Row’ option as well as tweaks to Bring Forward/Send to Back, and the Paste at Mouse Position’ option has also been improved.

If you’re using EverWeb’s PayPal Widget for e-commerce, EverWeb’s added a new option so that you can apply a discount if a visitor purchases a specific minimum quantity and if you’re a Contact Form Advanced widget user, the required field now works for dropdown menus and form submission emails now include a direct download link to any file uploads submitted by your website visitor.

There are also more pop up help messages and you can also now reset the ‘Don’t Show Again’ dialog box function in EverWeb’s Preferences, General menu option. As always every EverWeb release also contains lots of optimizations to make working within EverWeb, publishing and page loading faster and more efficient!

You can update your current version of EverWeb using the EverWeb-> Check for Updates… menu option or you can download a copy of the latest release directly from the EverWeb website.

If you have any questions on the latest release of EverWeb, or if there’s a feature you would like to see in the product, or anything EverWeb, let us know in the Comments Section!

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