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Introducing EverWeb’s NEW Membership Sites Feature: Available for Every EverWeb User!

The new EverWeb 4.0 release is packed full of big new features with perhaps the biggest of these being its new Membership Sites feature! Now any EverWeb user can create their own membership or subscription site. Here’s all that you need to know to get you started on your own membership site!

Why a Membership Site?
Offering visitors to your website a membership site, in addition to your regular website content, has many benefits…

  • You will have a deeper engagement with your existing website visitors
  • A membership site will help you build consistent revenue flow
  • You can personalize content better for your audience
  • You can better target niches within in your target audience
  • You can accumulate valuable data about your clients to help you build products and services better suited to your membership.
  • You can control the access your members have to your goods and services.
  • You have more flexibility in timing content delivery
  • It’s the perfect place to offer exclusive content
  • It’s a good way to use, or repurpose, existing content to a new audience at little extra expense to yourself
  • Building a membership creates better brand loyalty and is good for future marketing of your goods and services e.g. through email offers
  • It’s a good way in which you can monetise your website

Before You Get Started
All that you need to start with is a current EverWeb license running EverWeb 4.0, or higher, and your EverWeb Client Area Username and password! That’s all. EverWeb’s Membership Sites works on both Windows or Mac platforms, and you don’t need to host with EverWeb either to be able to use this new feature.

Signing Up for EverWeb Membership Sites
You can easily sign up to EverWeb’s Membership Sites through your EverWeb Client Area. Click on there Services-> Available Addons menu option, then click on Membership Sites in the column on the left hand side. You have three different Membership Sites plans to choose from, so there’s something for everyone!

  • Membership Starter: Anyone can sign up to this level for free. This plan lets you create a paid for membership site with up to 10,000 members. You can limit access to certain pages in your membership site and create unlimited membership packages. The transaction fee is 10%. There’s no monthly charge at this level.
  • Membership Plus: The second level plan includes all of the features of Membership Starter plus you can create free members, trial memberships and you can also create mass emailings to your membership. The transaction fee is 4.9%. The monthly charge for this level is $10USD.
  • Membership Deluxe : The top level plan includes all of the benefits of Membership Plus but at this level you can have an unlimited number of paid members and the transaction fee is 2.9%. The monthly charge at this level is $50USD

EverWeb Membership Sites Widgets
When signing up for any of the three plans above, you’ll also receive a special Membership Sites Widgets pack via email. These widgets are used in EverWeb to help you build your Membership Site and to connect you with the backend features of Membership Sites. Just download the widgets pack on to your computer then open EverWeb and click on the Widgets tan, then drag and drop the Membership Sites widgets folder on to the widgets in the Widgets tab to install them.

There are seven widgets in total that you can use:

  • Membership Sign Up Form
  • Membership Login Form
  • Membership Profile Form
  • Membership Payment Form
  • Membership Change Password
  • Membership Email Verification
  • Membership Sign Out Button

Creating Your Membership Site
EverWeb Membership Sites has two main components that you need to set up for your Membership Site: The first is the backend that is used to store all the details of your membership site, such as member details, membership levels, coupons, and payment methods. All of these features are managed through your EverWeb Client Area. It’s recommended that you set up the backend first. It’s straightforward to do just by following the list of items to complete in the Membership Sites section of the Client Area.

The second component required for setting up your membership site is building its pages within EverWeb itself. This can be as simple. or as complex. as needed. The pages you develop are where your members and subscribers will subscribe to your membership site, login, manage their profile, manage their payments, manage their membership levels and so on. If you already have an EverWeb designed website, it’s recommended that you create a directory specifically for your membership site within your Project file. This will make it easier to manage and administer the EverWeb side of your Membership Site. If you use all of the features of Membership Sites could add 20 or more pages to your site.

Once you have completed both back and front ends of your Membership Site and tested it, you’re ready for launch!

If you have a question about EverWeb’s new Membership Sites feature, EverWeb 4.0, or EverWeb in general, let us know in the Comments Section! We would love to hear from you!

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