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iWeb SEO Tool updates to version 1.8

Many of my regular readers will know I am a keen supporter of the FREE iWeb SEO Tool from Rage Software and a few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Paul at Rage letting me know that they had updated their handy little tool.

There isn’t a great deal of new changes in the application itself, however the updates they have made are ‘spot on’. Why not download yourself a copy and take a look.

If you have never used the iWeb SEO Tool before it can used used for inserting and amending all manner of codes within your iWeb site in order to help you get further up the search engine ladder.

All well and good, but whilst it does that, wouldn’t it be a good idea if it let you change other bits of code too? To use the tool you have to either publish your site to a folder or to MobileMe and then open it up to make all your SEO changes.

Where one of the new updates comes into it’s own now is in its ability to allow you to add other bits of code into the ‘head’ section of  a page, just like a HTML editor.

How is that a good idea? Okay, imagine you want to add a small javascript to your site, but you want to ‘SEO’ it too. Before this update you had to make all your SEO changes first, save the additions, close down the SEO tool then open the site again in a HTML editor to make further changes.

Not anymore! You can do it all with iWeb SEO Tool. And what’s more, you can save all of the changes you make to your site so that the next time you make any changes within iWeb adding the further changes such as scripts can all be re-applied at the touch of a button.

Another update to the SEO Tool is the ability to save the site back to it’s own folder so that you can use a third-party FTP application rather than the built in one. I know that the tool did have a few problems with this (although I never had any) so this is a smart way to solve any issues you may have had uploading your site.

iWeb SEO Tool is still as easy to use as it ever was, and I do love the ability to save all of your SEO code. Okay, the first time you use it on your site may be a pain, but open it a second time and you will see what I mean.

All in all, these are 2 very welcome updates to this excellent bit of iWeb kit and I highly recommend it to all iWeb users.

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  2. WOW! That is a huge update for me I’m constantly having to use a separate html editor once I upload my site. Going to download load and update now. Thanks

  3. Doesn’t seem to be downloading for me when I go ‘Install Update’. I get the loading bar, but it never does anything. Is there any other way I can update it?

  4. You know, everything seems great, except I can’t seem to figure out how to do the old “google analytics code insertion” action anymore. It was pretty idiot-proof before. Now, I’m reminded how much of an idiot I may be. Does it just go in the body insert area? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

    Great site, by the way. Really. You’ve done wonders for my sense of “Yes I can!” I hope it’s treating you well, since the work you’ve been putting in is plain to see!

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