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Ranking Higher In Search Engines – A Better Way

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a topic covered on this site many times, but I wanted to revisit it and let you know about the latest application for optimizing an iWeb website. Most of you have probably heard of iWeb SEO Tool, which is a very popular tool for adding items such as title tags and meta tags to an iWeb website. Now, there is a much more powerful SEO application offered by RAGE Software, the same guys who make iWeb SEO Tool.

What I like best about SEIntelligence is that it makes it easy for someone who doesn’t know the basic principles of SEO to still optimize their website. Getting direct instructions on what to do not only makes the thinking process easier on the user, but also teaches them a lot about SEO and what Google expects from websites.

RAGE posted a really good introductory video on their site that I think many of you can greatly benefit from. That video is posted just below. If anyone has any questions about SEIntelligence, just let me know. Also, I have been given a small number of 25% off discounts for SEIntelligence, to give out to All About iWeb readers. Just leave a comment below stating your interest, and make sure to leave a valid e-mail address for me to reach you at.

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  1. I am really interested!
    Thanks for sharing this article. Happy to see that you still update the website!

  2. Thanks for the update – looks like a great tool for SEO.

  3. Hi,

    I found your site by looking for ways to add Facebook and Twitter buttons to my iWeb authored websites. Whilst I did find your explanation, it was what I had already done except I realise that I cannot get at the html to correctly position the code… But you have put me in touch with Rage Software, whose existence was unknown to me… Great stuff.

    Now, I want to go off and buy the automated version of iWeb SEO and your offer of a 25% voucher is very tempting indeed! Yes Please.

    Am going to post your site on Facebook because I am sure that there are many who struggle with iWeb because they cannot get at the raw html and place additional code exactly as required, H1 – H6 tags, Google analytics et al.

    What I have learned from my membership of Niche Profit Classroom 4.0 is that if I publish an actual product description in my url, this helps in SEO for that item. Normally, I should purchase an individual domain name but I am finding that the renewals are getting rather expensive so, finding an appropriate root domain and hanging iWeb sites off it might save me a few squid. Trouble is, SEO’ing them. Well, it looks like you have provided the answer!

    Fantastic. I look forward to receiving a 25% off voucher code 🙂



  4. Hello, I’m interested in getting the discount for SEIntelligence for iWeb.

    Can that happen?

    Please let me know.



  5. I’d love to snag one of those 25% off tickets if you still have some available! Thanks for the great information!!

  6. What a great site and its SO great that you are still updating it. Just because Apple dumped iWeb doesn’t mean the rest of us have 🙂

    I would LOVE a 25% off voucher please 🙂

    Now I have to redo my iWeb site but thats cool… enjoying your site Thanks !!


  7. Hi,

    I would like to get the discount!

    Many thanks.


  8. Hey, loving the tips on your site!

    I’d like a 25% voucher if you have some left!

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