New and Improved Hyperlinking in EverWeb 3.7
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New and Improved Hyperlinking Features Come To EverWeb 3.7!

Hyperlinking is a core requirement for any website, allowing you to add clickable links to pieces of text, images, or shapes, to other pages in your website, to pages in external websites, to open specific files or to open your email app so that your visitor can send you a message.

EverWeb 3.7 Fills Out Hyperlinking Options!
The recently introduced EverWeb 3.7, and its subsequent 3.7.1 maintenance release, focused very much on making its core hyperlinking tools consistent throughout the product. As you may know already, hyperlinking is available directly from the Hyperlinks tab in the EverWeb’s Inspector window.However, not all the features in the Hyperlinks tab were available elsewhere, but now they are! In reality this means that if you are click on a ‘Link…’ button in a widget or in the Styled Text Editor in a widget, you’ll get the full list of hyperlink options!

Scroll Position Gets Easier!
Before the release of EverWeb 3.7, if you used a scroll position in your website and wanted to link to it using the ‘Link..’ button in a widget or via the Styled Text Editor, you would have to hard code the scroll position link yourself in the URL field of the link you were building. This could lead to potential problems such as the link no longer being valid if you deleted the scroll position. In EverWeb 3.7, you no longer need to hard code your link as scroll positions are now available for use in the dialog boxes of widget Link buttons.

Track and Troubleshoot Your Links!
If you’re currently on EverWeb 3.7 you may want to consider installing the 3.7.1 update as this provides lots of fixes (both for 3.7 and also for issues existing in previous EverWeb versions) and also adds a couple of useful hyperlinking features. The new Follow Link feature in particular makes troubleshooting your links a lot easier than before! You don’t even need to leave EverWeb to test your links!

To follow a link, just secondary (right) click on the link on your page in EverWeb then select Follow Link from the menu. You’ll go directly to the link. Links that can be followed are those to other pages in your site or to an external page link. This is a great feature for troubleshooting your links or when you are testing your site before publishing it to the web.

The second new option in EverWeb 3.7.1 is the Edit Link option. This works in the same way as for Follow Link. Click on. the object that has the link then secondary click and choose the Edit Link option if available. This option will then make the link in the Hyperlinks Inspector available for you to edit the link. Typically you’ll use Edit Link as a quick shortcut to the Hyperlinks Inspector.

The New Force Download Feature!
As well as making all hyperlink options available throughout EverWeb, the new 3.7 release also includes the new Force Download feature. Before EverWeb 3.7, when a visitor clicked on a File link, the file would open on their device e.g. a PDF file. If the visitor wanted to save the file, they would have to choose to do so. In EverWeb 3.7, you can now opt to have such a file immediately downloaded to the visitor’s default download folder when they click on the link you have set up. Just check the ‘Force Download’ checkbox, it’s that simple.

When using this option, note that it may not be supported by all browsers. It may be worth making a note next to the link so that your visitors are aware of this possibility.

EverWeb 3.7 is a great update if you need access to all of EverWeb’s hyperlinking capabilities throughout the product, with 3.7.1 helping you more easily troubleshoot your links!

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If you have a question about EverWeb’s hyperlinking feature, or if you have any question EverWeb related, please let us know in the Comments Section. We’re here to help the community!

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