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Where do you go for inspiration?

I have been spending a lot of time this week taking a look and trying to figure out how to make it easy to edit and save my own iWeb themes and in the process I have been looking at sites to that offer inspiration for web designers. I am sure you all know that there are some really beautiful sites on the internet and iWeb will go some way to making sites like them providing you are familiar with a graphics editor (that sounds like a cue for a post or 2).Anyway, getting back to the subject of this post, here is a short list of sites I have been using for design inspiration; I would love to hear yours.

web_designer_depot Web Design Depot

best_web_gallery Best Web Gallery
smashing_magazine1 Smashing Magazine
abduzeedo Abduzeedo
design_meltdown Design Meltdown
colorburned Colorburned
bittbox BittBox
design_flavr DesignFlavr
web_creme Web Creme
unmatched_style Unmatched Style

Leave a comment and let me know what sites you use for inspiration.

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