21 Days

Day 1 – Picking your iWeb theme

Without doubts, one of the most popular reasons that a Mac user picks iWeb to be the tool to use when it comes to building a web site is the fact that much of the heartache is taken out of the whole process thanks to the numerous themes that come included with the app.

Because the design process is, in effect removed, building the web site site becomes far easier as only content is required. Problems arise however when the theme you pick does not suit the web site you are building.

When you look at the 28 themes that are available in the latest version of iWeb you can see straight away that some are better looking than others. Likewise some themes are more suitable for certain niches than other themes.

Thanks to All About iWeb I get to see hundreds of iWeb sites a week, if not more, and I have to…

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  1. Hi

    I just subscribed today – but could only subscribe @ the $30.00 mark rather than the £21.00 that I (Paul) registered for.

    Please advise on how the discount is applied


    1. Paul,

      In the post I published on Monday I wrote:

      “The whole series starts on 1 June, that’s this Wednesday, so now is the time to signup. If you’re quick you might be one of the first 21 to apply, in which case the package (oh and did I mention you will be able to download all the of the lessons as a PDF and/or eBook when it is all complete so you can refer to it whenever you want) is available for just $21.00. Once the series starts the price will go up a bit to $30.00. As they say on the TV “Don’t delay, sign up today!”

      You subscribed after the series had started, hence the price.


      1. No worries,

        I misunderstood and thought that the subscription opening started on the 1st June.

        Still looking forward to the course



  2. Hi,

    Am i missing something?
    I have subscribed and logged in but how do I access the tutorials?
    I appear to have no more access than prior to subscription


    1. Hi David,

      Are you still having the same problem? I tweaked your account.


      1. Hi,
        just subscribed too, but just after completing the payment I received an email saying “your subscription has expired”…

        Can you help me?
        I am really looking forward to access the course…

        thank you very much!

      2. It will work now, enjoy.


      3. Hi Tim,

        The tweak has worked

        Thank you

        Best Regards


  3. Ok I’m in!

    thank you very much!


  4. Hi,

    I’ve subscribed and payment has been confirmed but I still can’t access the tutorials.


    1. Hi Andy & Marylawl

      PayPal was clearing. You can access it all now. Enjoy.


  5. I subscribed and paid the fee, and still cannot get in to the tutorials.


  6. I’m accessing it now. Thank you.

  7. I subscribed and paid the fee, and still cannot get in to the tutorials.

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