21 Days

Day 13 – Testing, testing, testing

Testing is a critical stage of web design and yet it is often one of the most overlooked. Through no fault of their own many iWeb users will overlook this stage completely; they take a look at their site in Safari, see that it looks fine and think that is it. In most cases it is, but as the saying goes ‘there’s always one!’ and in this case the ‘one’ is Internet Explorer; in particular older versions of IE.

Why do we have to test our iWeb sites? Well in all honesty if you are just designing a site that is aimed purely at your family and friends you probably don’t have to go mad when it comes to testing. The same also applies if you have built a site that is aimed entirely at Mac users (naturally they don’t use IE) but if you have spent days creating the perfect iWeb masterpiece and you want it to be seen by anyone who has an internet connection then testing is the way forward.

Testing should be considered a major part of the web design process so if you are serious about…

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