10 Ways to Improve Your EverWeb Website in 2020!
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10 Ways To Improve Your EverWeb Website in 2020!

As the new year begins, many of us think about ways in which to improve our lives in the forthcoming year. So why not apply the same principle to your website? You might think that your site doesn’t need any work and is fine as it is, but it’s worth considering why some change and improvement could be good for you to do…

How Is Your Site Perceived?
What people think about your website when they visit it will define how your site is perceived. If you’ve not updated your website for a long time, or even since it first went live, you could find that you’re losing repeat visitors to your site. If visitors initially like your site, one of the main reasons they come back is to check see what’s new. If you’re not adding anything new to your site on a regular basis, your visitors may come back less often or not at all.

It’s All About Content
Content is the cornerstone of any website. When someone visits your site, probably the first page they will land on is your home page. Having a good strong message on that page will reward you! Remember that a strong message needs to be focused as well. So your message should focus on one idea only. That message also does not have to be text based. You may find that changing one or more images on your home page can be an incredibly quick and effective way to revamp your site! At the end of the dat though, it’s important to add new content to your site on a regular basis. Content that’s static for months or years on end will make repeat visitors to your site fall away quickly.

Quick Fixes: Fonts and Color Choices
As well as updating your website’s images, if you don’t have much time to spend on improving your website, a new color scheme is all you need to freshen things up. You could also update the fonts that your site uses – Google Fonts is as great free to use resource for this and it also lists complimentary fonts making font mixing and matching much easier! If you are feeling uninspired, why not check out those websites that you enjoy using that are well designed. Often existing websites can be a great source of inspiration!

SEO: Hiding In Plain Sight
If you want to improve your website’s page rankings in search engine results, try investing some time and effort in to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your website. There are SEO features throughout EverWeb, but as these features are built in to the User Interface they can be easily overlooked. For example, The Page Details section of the Page Settings tab in the Inspector Window has a wealth of fields that should be completed as they are a key part to better SEO. If improving your search engine ranking is important, why not check out EverWeb’s Search Engine Optimisation Video Course? It’s concise and to the point, making learning about SEO and EverWeb quick and easy.

Have You Gone Mobile Yet?
If you don’t have a mobile equivalent for your desktop website you could be missing out in a couple of major ways… Firstly, search engines, such as Google, prioritize mobile sites above desktop sites in search engine ranking results. Secondly, mobile device growth over the last decade has exploded making it our primary tool for accessing apps, data and the Internet. Having a website designed for mobile use is, therefore, a must have in the 2020’s!

Time for a Responsive Website?
If you’re a long time EverWeb user, your website is probably of a fixed width design as this was the only available choice until the end of 2018. Then came EverWeb 2.8 and the introduction of Responsive Web Design to the product. Whilst building a responsive website is conceptually more difficult, the advantage is that you only need to build one page which scales automatically to fit the device you’re viewing your site upon. Many EverWeb users have converted their sites from fixed width to responsive over the last year, but it’s not obligatory to change if you are happy with your site as it is. However, if you’re interested in exploring the world of responsive websites in EverWeb, there’s plenty of video resources available to help you get started!

Prioritizing Your Website’s Security
Over the course of the last few years website security and privacy have become more prominent issues that website developers have to be aware of and take action over. A secure website benefits you and your website’s visitors. If you have an EverWeb+Hosting account, you can take advantage EverWeb’s Site Shield Addon which will convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS. Websites that are HTTPS are both secure and are ranked higher by search engines too. Sites that remain as HTTP only are also now flagged more prominently in web browsers as not being secure. If you host with your own hosting provider, contact them to find out how you can convert from HTTP to HTTPS.

Another way to improve website security in EverWeb is to lock down your website’s contact forms. EverWeb 3.0 introduced reCAPTCHA support to the Contact Form Advanced widget. Just set up a reCAPTCHA account and use its codes in the widget and you’ll be better protected from SPAM and email bots taking advatage of your contact form.

The Advantage of the Latest Version
If you have a current EverWeb Update and Support Plan in place, check out the EverWeb-> Check For Updates menu to see if you have the latest version. The latest version will always have something new to offer as well as bug fixes, optimisations and performance improvements that should help keep you productive!

Update Your Website’s Feature Set
As mentioned above, the advantage of using the latest version of EverWeb is that you have access to all of its new and updated features. There’s been an influx of new and improved features in EverWeb 2.9NEW! EverWeb 2.9 Now Available with More Responsive Features!, 3.0 and 3.1 that are worth checking out!

Put A Date In Your Diary!
Keeping your website fresh and up to date with new content, imagery and features is a great way to keep your existing visitors engaged. It’s also good for your SEO! So, why not put regular website checkup dates in to your diary? If your website has a blog you probably are already scheduling new blog content on a regular basis. Why not also add regular SEO and website feature and design review dates to your diary so that these important tasks don’t get forgotten?

Updating your website’s content and look on a regular basis is not just for cosmetic purposes. It is something that can bring you benefit by keeping your current visitor base engaged so that they come back to your website again and again. It also helps keep your SEO the up to date and relevant to search engines. Good SEO has the potential of bringing new visitors to your website! And last but not least, keeping up to date with the latest version of EverWeb will also benefit as you can add new and enhanced features to site on a regular basis and enjoy optimisations that will improve your website’s speed and performance.

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