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Why EverWeb Makes Building Business Ready Websites Quick, Easy and Effective!

If you’re a sole trader, run a small business or are thinking about starting up your own business, having a business ready website is probably an essential part of your strategy. For some businesses, a website is an essential, core component of the business. Over the last few years Internet based businesses or presence has become more of a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’ for businesses.

At the moment pressure is on many businesses to perform due to global and local economic factors causing rising inflation, rising costs and a slowdown in economic growth. For small businesses now is the time to work smarter. You’ll want your website to be positioned as best as possible to ride out any potential economic storm fronts.

Website building is where EverWeb can be a great help to the sole trader or small business. Here’s how EverWeb can give you the edge over your competitors in challenging business conditions!

Easy to Use and Easy to Learn
If you’re looking for a website builder you’ll want a product that’s easy to learn and use as well as having the power features that you need for your business. EverWeb’s commands and features are typically only one to two mouse clicks away so it’s not difficult to find the features you need quickly. EverWeb’s feature set is also context sensitive so you only get the options you need for the task that you are doing.

The other major thing that differentiates EverWeb is that the product takes complex, technical features and tasks and makes them easy and simple to implement and understand e.g. website security, SEO, responsive web design and so on…

All the Features You Need in One Product
Whilst EvertWeb is already feature rich the product also has over 25 built in widgets to supplement its core functionality making the product extendable if you need to integrate with other products or services. This is immensely useful and it’s usually easy and quick to integrate other software products in to your website’s pages. Some products are directly supported within EverWeb e.g. PayPal for shopping carts and Social Media support for apps such as such as FaceBook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Other integrations can be hooked in to EverWeb, typically with little work e.g. calendaring and Event systems such as Calendly, shopping apps such as Shopify, audio apps such as SoundCloud and so on.

EverWeb’s core features also deliver what you expect from a contemporary product e.g. responsive website design, fully featured blogging and advanced Contact Forms and Contact Form management features.

Search Engine Optimization at Your Fingertips!
Many businesses engage with another core EverWeb feature – Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. SEO helps with search results rankings when you’re searching for something on the Internet. SEO built directly in to EverWeb so you don’t need to do anything if you don’t want. EverWeb uses your input in to your site for SEO purposes automatically. However, other tools are available if you need to fine tune your SEO. Checkout the SEO for EverWeb Video course on EverWeb’s own site for details of how to more effectively use SEO in EverWeb. If SEO is business critical for you, then you have the optional SEO Power Up add on which will help you fine tune your SEO using advanced tools so you can take your SEO to the next level.

Meeting Customer Expectations
Making sure that your customer data is secure is an ever higher priority for any business website. Using a secure site is a key concern to many customers so it’s recommended that you use HTTPS. It’s reassuring for customers and a good value add for your business. If you have your own hosting, ask your hosting provider for details. If you plan to host your website with EverWeb you can purchase EverWeb Site Shield Addon which provides you with advanced security features in just a few mouse clicks.

Better Customer Contact and Contact Management
Your business relationship with your customers and clients can be a key differentiator that sets you head and shoulders above your competition. It can also be something that can doom your business if done badly. EverWeb helps you foster and grow your customer relationships with its in built blogging environment and also with its advanced contact forms. EverWeb’s contact forms are highly customizable so will blend perfectly with your website design. Th contact forms can also be used to create custom surveys and polls. Security is also built in to the contact form as well with support for reCAPTCHA.

If you need to take your customer responses further, you also have the option to use EverWeb’s Contact Forms Enhanced addon where you can store customer responses for analysis at a later date. There’s also an option for customers to upload files to you, and soon to be released is a new Mass Mailing feature making targeting your customers even easier! Contact Forms Enhanced is a great way to target your customers and to maintain and grow your relationship with them.

EverWeb as a Value Proposition
Our recommendation at AAI is to consider EverWeb+Hosting Lite. It’s the easiest and most hassle free way to get your business website up and running quickly and costs less than $100 for a year of hosting plus product updates. This options is especially appealing if you don’t have any technical skills, so it’s worry and hassle free. Other options are available so check out the link above for full details.

EverWeb’s appeal is that it’s simple and easy to use but packs powerful features underneath delivered in a very user friendly way. You can also scale things up and down as you need by adding on EverWeb ‘add on’ products if you need to. You can also adjust your EverWeb+Hosting package or your contact forms enhanced addon package when needed too!

EverWeb’s also has an eight year pedigree behind it and customer support that’s 7x24x365 so for businesses you’re covered! if you want to try EverWeb you can do so by downloading the product from the EverWeb website. You can build your website whilst you try the product out, so you will never lose anything if you decide to purchase. The only thing you can’t do with the trial version of the product is publish your site. The other handy thing to know is that EverWeb’s not a subscription service so you keep the product that you purchase, something of a rarity in this day and age!

Are you looking to start a business or already have a business and need a website? Let us know if you have any question about EverWeb and we’ll try our best to help!

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