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7 Ways to Give Your EverWeb Website a Freshen Up for 2024!

First of all, a very Happy 2024 to all of our readers! We hope it will be a great one for all of you! As we start each new year, we often take time to reflect on how we can do things better than the previous year. This can even apply to your EverWeb made website too! So, here are some tips on how you can freshen up your website to make the best impression on your customers, clients, friends and family in 2024!

  1. Make it 2024 One of the main bug bears that puts people off from viewing a site is that it’s out of date, so our first recommendation is that you update your copyright year to 2024. The copyright symbol and current year should appear on every page of your site. Typically, it will appear in the Footer section of your pages. The copyright symbol shows your visitors that your work is your own and can help deter people from copying your work. If you don’t have this in your site, we recommend that you add it in. If your site uses Master Pages, this will make adding it to your pages, and updating it yearly, very easy.
  2. Add New Content To Your Site! Adding new content to your site is the best way you can tell your visitors that your site is alive and kicking! If you found that last year creating content on a regular basis was a problem, now may be the time to tackle that issue! Often the problem with creating new content, either for your regular pages or blog, is thinking of what to write about. One way around this is to make notes on a dedicated page on your phone whenever you have ideas for content that would benefit your site. This is a great way to not forget good ideas! Also remember that if you run a business there are going to be times every year that you can use to create content for e.g. the birthday of your business starting, national holidays, traditional ‘sales’ days, seasonally themed content and so on. Such ‘Evergreen’ content will help ease the burden of content creation for you. Remember though, to always keep your content fresh, for example, don’t use last year’s Thanksgivings content this year. Create new text instead as doing so will be better for your site’s SEO. If you just cut and paste old content for new, search engines will ding you for doing so and your SEO will suffer as a result.
  3. New Year, New Blog! Great content creation can come by adding a blog to your site in 2024 if you don’t have one already. If you do already have a blog. does it need reinvigorating this year? If you’re thinking about starting a blog, the main question to answer is ‘Do I need a Blog?’ What would you want it to achieve? Is it, for example, the best way to communicate and interact with your visitors or community, customers or clients? Would a blog be something that helps you expand upon topics that you don’t want to cover in the regular pages of your site? It a good way to find out what your customers want in terms of products and services?
    The second question you should ask yourself is about commitment. Do you have the time, effort and resources to keep a blog going on a regular basis? In this respect think about how often you would want to post and how you would moderate your blog when people comment about a post. You may find that there are better ways than blogging to achieve your goals e.g. social media may be a better route for you. You may even find that linking your blog posts to your social media is a perfect combination…
  4. Keep Your Site Secure! Keeping your site secure will help reduce the chances of your site being hacked, When using EverWeb, you can purchase its Site Shield Addon which will add HTTPS to your site. Using HTTPS means that your visitors will also see a padlock symbol in their search bar when accessing the pages of your site, indicating that the site is end to end encrypted. Site Shield Addon also offers advanced security features that you can implement with just a few mouse clicks, making securing your site easier than ever! If you’re using EverWeb 4.0, or higher, you can purchase Site Shield Addon whether you host with EverWeb or have your own hosting provider!
  5. Make a Stronger Online Impression with Better SEO If you run an online business, or need a strong online presence, then SEO is a key tool that you will be working with a lot. EverWeb builds in a lot of native support for SEO in the product itself. To find out how you can make the most of this, check out the chapter on SEO in the EverWeb User Manual, or follow the SEO for EverWeb Video Course which has short video sessions to help you get up and running with SEO in your site ASAP. If you need advanced SEO tools an features, have a look at EverWeb SEO Power Up Addon, which gives you some great ways to target and finesse your site’s SEO!
  6. Give You Website a New Look! Sometimes the easiest way to freshen things up is with a new set of colors and fonts. Giving your site a ‘fresh coat of paint’ can sometimes work wonders as it will give your visitors the impression that it’s all new! If you’re using EverWeb 4.0 or later, freshening up your site with new colors and fonts is even easer with the introduction of Paragraph Styles and Global Document Colors.
  7. Out With The Old… 2023 was a very busy year for EverWeb with the introduction of a lot of new features and ways in which to make building a website even easier. Whilst you’re freshening up your website, why not introduce, or update your site with some of EverWeb’s new features? For example, Paragraph Styles is a must have feature to implement in your site, minimum font size is also a great addition for scalable text in your pages, and contact forms now let add columns and dividers in your contact form, to mention just three great new features!

So why not get your website’s year off to a great, fresh new start? If you’ve got an idea you want to share, please let us know in the Comments Section below! Happy New Year!

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