EverWeb 2020 End of Year Review
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The EverWeb 2020 End of Year Review!

As usual it’s been a very busy year for EverWeb! As we leave 2020 behind and head in to the New Year, here’s a look back at some of the EverWeb’s highlights!

EverWeb Releases in 2020
EverWeb last major point of 2019 came in late December followed by three major point releases in 2020. Add to that some maintenance releases along the way, EverWeb finishes the year on 3.4.2. Here’s the complete list of updates:

  • EverWeb 3.1 December 2019
  • EverWeb 3.1.5-3.1.7 Dec 2019-Jan 2020 Maintenance Releases
  • EverWeb 3.2 April 2020
  • EverWeb 3.2.3 April 2020 Maintenance Release
  • EverWeb 3.3 June 2020
  • EverWeb 3.3.1 July 2020 Maintenance Release
  • EverWeb 3.4 October 2020
  • EverWeb 3.4.2 November 2020 Maintenance Releases

Best User Interface Feature of the Year: Dark Mode
At the end of 2019 Dark Mode came to EverWeb, and in our opinion it’s the product’s outstanding UI update of the year! In dark mode EverWeb is rich and deep looking. If you have a macOS version that supports dark mode you’re in for a treat!

Feature of the Year: Parallax Scrolling
We think that Parallax Scrolling is the best EverWeb feature of the year. It’s an incredibly visual yet powerful feature that can really bring your website to life. Creating this 3D like motion effect is also super easy with EverWeb. The most difficult part is finding the best picture to use as the Parallax Scrolling background but, hopefully, EverWeb’s free stock photo library has this covered for you!

There are plenty of great runner ups in this category. Set Shape as Scroll Position added anchors for Responsive page layouts. This feature works for any page layout type and has the advantage that you can set the scroll position to an object, rather than EverWeb creating a line on the page as required with ‘Insert Fixed Scroll Position’ featue.

2020 was also the year where you multiple widget updating when using the same widgets added to EverWeb. For example, if you have four PayPal widgets on a page and want to update the color of all of the Pay Now buttons at one time, you now just need to select all of the widgets, then change the button color in the Widget Settings. All of the selected widgets will update at once. When using this feature, remember to deselect the widgets after you’ve finished. If you don’t you could for example, update a Product Description which will then change all of the selected widgets when you only wanted to change just the one.

Rounding out our runner up’s is Search which also got a lot of attention in 2020 as EverWeb now lets you search for Widgets, pages and theme templates using dedicated search boxes.

Widget of the Year: Contact Form Advanced Widget
Perhaps this is the easiest win of the year! The Contact Form Advanced widget goes from strength to strength with customizable Form Validation, page forwarding on form submission to the page of your choice, the new Transparent style joins the already available Modern and Classic styles and you can now adjust the height of the Text Area control. If you use EverWeb’s Contact Forms Enhanced Addon, you also got a lot of extra new features in 2020 including branding removal for submitted emails and new Calendar and Set Time Controls to make setting up appointment date and times in your contact form super easy.

Special mention goes this year to the Image Gallery Widget which gained new pagination options and a completely redesigned, responsive Lightbox giving it a fully contemporary look.

EverWeb Addon of the Year: SEO Power Up Addon
Whilst the Contact Forms Enhanced Addon gained new features in 2020, the EverWeb Addon of the year has to go to the new SEO Power Up Addon. The new addon’s features are built directly in to EverWeb and can be used by any EverWeb user. SEO Power Up Addon extends the SEO features that are already. built in to EverWeb giving you more flexibility to tune your site’s SEO to your own specific requirements. You can add your own Keywords on a page by page basis and tell search engines how important each page in your site is and how frequently these pages are updated. Additionally, the addon generates your site’s XML Sitemap and robots.txt files which give web crawlers additional information about how to crawl your site and which pages they should focus on.

Although available to every EverWeb user, there are a couple of bonuses if you’re an EverWeb+Hosting customer. The first is GZip compression which makes your site’s pages load faster, and the second bonus is that if you have an EverWeb+Hosting 10GB or higher account, EverWeb SEO Power Up is absolutely free.

These are just some of the main highlights that came to EverWeb in 2020. We’re looking forward to seeing what EverWeb has to offer in 2021! What would you like to see come to the product? Let us know in the Comments Section below, and in the meantime, Happy New Year!

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